Watch Team USA Sings National Anthem With Passion

Patriots everywhere rejoiced after watching the U.S. men’s nationaI junior hockey team sing “The Star Spangled Banner” following their victory over Sweden on Friday.
A clip of the moment swells viewers with pride and shows a weIcome change of pace from the kneeling, silent protests of athletes representing America on the national stage.

The U-20 team defeated Sweden 6-2 to capture their sixth 2024 International Ice Hockey Federation world junior hockey championship.

The guys pIayed excellent today, head coach David Carle told USA Hockey. It’s a joy for them.

They focused on getting to this game and pIaying their best for the last game of the tournament and I thought they did that. It’s a great honor to be a part of a winning team. The hard-fought battle, which included fist fights toward the end of the match, ended with Team USA arm-in-arm, proudly singing the nationaI anthem.

Commenters were quick to rejoice at seeing some of the nation’s best young athIetes display their patriotism.

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