“Enchanting Sculptures”: A Harmony of Art and Nature at Morton Arboretum

There are four beautiful sculptures of ladies in a park, and they are a great combination of art and nature. These sculptures, made of wood with metal and reinforced concrete, are in a central area of 687 hectares. They have unique poses and look really nice.

At the park entrance, there’s a sculpture called “Hallow” that looks like an artist’s installation covered with ferns. It makes you think and looks great in the surroundings.

Another sculpture, “Sentient,” encircles a central bust with a mix of facial features. It’s over 7 meters tall, weighs a lot, and was unveiled on May 28 at the Morton Arboretum.

If you’re nearby, don’t miss the chance to see these beautiful sculptures. Walking through the park, these sculptures will guide your path and show you their incredible beauty. You can feel the deep meaning and appreciate the craftsmanship of Daniel Popper’s sculptures.
It’s a reminder of how delicate art and nature are. Take the opportunity to experience “Human+Nature” at Morton Arboretum, where art and nature come together in harmony.

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