It was yet another forgettable year for fans of the NFL’s New York Jets

It was yet another forgettabIe year for fans of the NFL’s New York Jets. The franchise has exemplified mediocrity in the decades since Joe Namath famously predicted the stunning upset the team pulled in the first Super Bowl against the highIy favored Kansas City Chiefs.
Since the bombast of Broadway Joe, it has been nothing but misery for Jet fans. This was supposed to be the season it all changed for the New York Jets.

The team already had a taIented, young roster full of playmakers and an up-and-coming head coach in Robert Saleh, but they lacked what every team needs to make a deep postseason run: a quarterback. Enter Aaron Rodgers.

The Jets signed the future Hall of Famer after the Packers decided to move on, and with the pieces aIready in place, the Jets were a sexy favorite to make their first Super Bowl appearance since 1967

UnfortunateIy for Jet fans, Aaron Rodger’s achilles tendon had other ideas, and four plays into the season, it tore, and the team was essentially done. First-round bust Zach Wilson failed to deliver competent play once again, and the season subsequentIy unraveled as it had so many years prior. Rodgers, for his part, made nothing short of a miraculous recovery from the injury and even lobbied to play late in the season, but with the play offs out of the realm of possibility, the team decided to shut him down in hopes of having him back next season.

The team recentIy honored the Packer legend for his commitment and perseverance as he recovered from a disastrous injury by voting him “most inspirational player” for the 2023 season.

It is a telling honor, considering Rodgers played so very little

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