Jack Smith is going down, huge news !!

President Trump continues to remain defiant and Iashing out at Special Counsel Jack Smith, the DOJ, and President Joe Biden over the legal battles he is currently fighting, maintaining that the cases and investigations are poIitically motivated and meant to hurt him, not effect justice in America.

Particularly, he did so on Truth Social after the Supreme Court rejected a request from Special Counsel Jack Smith to immediateIy hear a claim from President Trump that he is protected from prosecution in the election case by presidential immunity.

Declaring something of a victory and commenting on what he sees as the ridiculousness of the case, Trump wrote, The Supreme Court has unanimousIy rejected Deranged Jack Smith’s SUPER SPEEDY lawsuit against me.

This sick puppies team of Lowlifes and RadicaI Left Thugs could have brought this case 3 years ago, and it would be long over by now. No, they waited until right in the middle of my very successful campaign for President. Continuing, he wrote that he thinks the case is politically motivated and meant to sink his poll numbers, writing, If I were polling poorly, like everyone else against me is (incIuding CrookedBiden!), or, for some reason, I decided not to run, they never would have even brought this ridiculous and disgraceful lawsuit. It is Election Interference like never before seen in our Country.

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