Mom wants to give son with Down syndrome to foster care, so dad decides to raise baby all on his own

Every day, babies are born around the world with various conditions that make them unique. However, not all parents fully accept and embrace these differences. Some parents, regrettably, even contemplate giving up or disowning their children if they don’t fit their narrow definition of perfection.

In the case of children with Down syndrome, despite the advancements in understanding and acceptance in modern society, prejudice and uncertainty still persist. One Russian father, Evgeny Anisimov, is determined to shatter the stigma surrounding Down syndrome while independently raising his son, Misha, who has the condition.

At the age of 33, Evgeny is on a mission to show the world that children with Down syndrome are equally deserving of love and acceptance. He has taken on the role of a single parent after his wife decided to leave because she couldn’t cope with their son’s diagnosis

Their lives took an unexpected turn when, just 1 minute and 39 seconds after their son’s birth, a doctor informed them that the baby had Down syndrome. In an interview with Bored Panda, Evgeny shared his initial reaction and thoughts: “I didn’t know what to do when I learned of the hypothesis that my son had Down Syndrome. I thought my task now was to turn off emotions, ignite thoughts, support my wife because I believed it would be more difficult for her.”

However, he soon realized that he needed to take responsibility for his son and embrace this new reality. He conducted research on Down syndrome and discovered that in Europe, people with Down syndrome are well-integrated into society, living and working independently.

Despite his wife’s decision to leave, Evgeny was determined to be there for his son. He firmly believed that abandoning his child was not an option, stating, “At no time did I think of leaving my son in an orphanage, that would be inhumane.” He and his wife eventually separated, and now Evgeny raises Misha on his own.

Evgeny’s mission is to raise awareness about Down syndrome so that no future parent believes that having a child with the condition is an insurmountable challenge or punishment. He wants society to understand that children with Down syndrome are valuable and deserving of love and care.

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