The girl sewed her own unique and beautiful wedding dress. Appreciate his work

A wedding is a very significant event in the life of every girl.

On the day of the wedding, the bride should feel like a queen, a goddess, the best, most attractive, amazing and most desired.

Everything in her appearance should be beautiful. Such a bride will be admired, she will evoke sympathy and love.

At any wedding, of course, the most attention is always drawn to the bride. Modern fashion is very liberal in relation to wedding dresses, as, indeed, in relation to all other accessories.

However, it is best to forget about what is fashionable or not fashionable in this season and choose a wedding ensemble, focusing on personal tastes and features of the figure.

It is customary for the groom not to see the bride’s dress before the wedding.

However, brides are often afraid that if they don’t like the outfit, the festive mood will be spoiled from the very beginning.

Of course, in order to get the ideal, the bride needs to work on herself and start special preparations for the wedding at least a month and a half in advance.

But a girl named Dana from Lebanon began to prepare a year before the wedding.

She wanted to wear a dress that would be unique.

The girl went in search of the dress of her dreams, but did not find anything suitable.

Then Dana decided to sew her own dress.

The girl has always been fond of creativity and design. It was not difficult for her to draw her dress and show it to the dressmakers.

The girl decided to sheathe the whole dress with stones and rhinestones,

and the material she chose was not white, but the color of champagne, so that it shimmered in the light.

Dana used satin, tulle and chiffon as materials. A whole team of craftsmen worked on the dress.

The work was very painstaking and required great accuracy and concentration.
All the sewing and embroidery with stones took a year. The result exceeded all expectations.

The bride’s dress turned out magical, like from a fairy tale.

The long train gave the dress a special grandeur. In such a dress, the bride can feel like a real queen.

Any detail in the bride’s wedding dress plays a huge role, creating a beautiful image of the newlywed.

The veil and accessories were also chosen to match the dress.

The girl chose a veil with decorative elements, trimmed around the edge with a satin ribbon and decorated with delicate exquisite embroidery,

which was very harmoniously combined with the decor and details of the wedding dress.

For the solemn reception, a veil was provided, turning into a train.

She was supposed to give a special majesty to the appearance of the bride. Dana created a dazzling wedding look for herself.

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