Eagles coach Nick Sirianni, center Jason Kelce cry during Super Bowl national anthem

As country superstar Chris Stapleton performed the national anthem before Super Bowl 57 kicked off Sunday night, cameras found Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni and center Jason Kelce, both with tears in their eyes.

Sirianni stood straight-faced at the beginning of the anthem before tears began pouring from both eyes. Kelce mouthed the lyrics before he became emotional.

Jason Kelce previously spoke about crying on the big stage after the Eagles’ Super Bowl 52 victory, saying he would find himself weeping in the shower leading to that 2018 game against the New England Patriots.

Kelce’s mother, Donna, who has made headlines with both her sons playing in this Super Bowl, also seemed moved by the anthem. NFL Network’s M.J. Acosta said she was “wiping tears from her eyes.”


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