Singer Makes It Clear She Is “Not Making Music For White People”

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Lizzo emphatically refuted the notion that she creates music for a “white audience.” The 34-year-old musician, renowned for her diverse musical style blending hip hop, gospel, and R&B, emphasized that her music is a reflection of her black experience. Chart-topping hits like “Good as Hell” and “About Damn Time” have propelled her to pop music stardom, but Lizzo expresses concern that songs initially intended for a black audience have gained immense popularity among white listeners.

Lizzo candidly addressed the criticism she has faced regarding the demographic makeup of her audience, acknowledging the complex conversation surrounding black artists and their evolving popularity. She noted the tendency for black artists reaching a high level of fame to attract predominantly white crowds, stating, “When black people see a lot of white people in the audience, they think, ‘Well, this isn’t for me. This is for them.’”

The Detroit-born singer, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, clarified her artistic intent, asserting, “I am not making music for white people. I am a black woman. I am making music from my black experience,” emphasizing that her music serves as a form of personal healing.

Lizzo acknowledged the impact her music has on young black individuals, advocating for more love and self-love in the world. She expressed her commitment to creating anthems that resonate with those who have experienced underappreciation and mistreatment, stating, “Am I making music for that girl right there who looks like me, who grew up in a city where she was underappreciated and picked on and made to feel unbeautiful? Yes.”

The interview also addressed comments made by Kanye West on Fox News, where he discussed Lizzo’s weight, describing it as “clinically unhealthy.” Lizzo responded to West’s remarks during a concert at Scotiabank Arena, expressing frustration at being discussed without cause, stating, “I feel like everybody in America got my mother******* name in [their] mother******* mouth for no mother****** reason.”

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